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Whether you want to become stronger, faster, or more flexible, combining various fitness styles can make you a better athlete. 

At Ganbaru, we’re all about helping you find a well-rounded workout routine that isn’t afraid to incorporate different training types. 

We previously discussed why you might want to include a new training type in your routine. Today, let’s discuss more benefits of practicing multiple fitness styles concurrently.

Work on your weaknesses & find balance in your complete fitness

It’s pretty easy to determine a complementary training style to add to your routine, simply by thinking about what you want to improve on. Stiff? Mobility. Sore? Stretch. Endurance? Cardio. And so on. 

Another way you can look at things is in terms of balance. Trying to strike a balance between different workout types, intensities, and intentions can help you become more athletic as a whole, because you’re not focusing on just one type of strength or skill. 

Below, you can find some of our favourite pairings, although you can easily explore and experiment to find your own best matches. 

Swole and steady: bodybuilding and cardio

Confession: one of the biggest things many of us neglect when we lift is cardio. If you’re at the gym and feeling out of breath, that could be an indicator to get your cardio game up. Increased endurance isn’t just good for your heart, but it can also help you to lift better as you’ll be less fatigued during your workout.  

Fast and free: running and mobility 

Cardio game strong as a runner? Maybe you’re missing out on the stretch and release from yoga, flexibility, or mobility training. This not only relieves aches, but it can also strengthen your joints and prevent injuries.

Strong and supple: powerlifting and flexibility 

Those who spend most of their time lifting heavy may feel limited by their range of motion. Unlocking more space through flexibility training can help you unlock more weight safely, which also reduces the risk of injury.

Push and pull: yoga and weightlifting

In yoga, practitioners often focus on pushing motions as there are few bodyweight, no-equipment pull exercises. By bringing some gym workouts into their routine, you will be able to develop pull strength for a more balanced performance and physique. 

Control and fluidity: calisthenics and martial arts

Calisthenic athletes often have good body awareness and strength. To put that into practice with added fluidity, difficulty, and collaboration with others, why not try martial arts? The combined conditioning and control from both workout styles will give you a headstart. 

If you want to try any of these training combinations, Ganbaru has all these programs and more! Do you have your own perfect pair? Or do you want to try any of these in particular? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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