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Being a parent is hard. Your daily schedule is completely different, priorities shifted, and the centre of your life is your new baby. Bring fitness into the mix and oftentimes, it escapes us — that’s normal. 

When returning to fitness, you may feel the lull from your time away. This can make it harder, or downright discouraging. 

This is why finding the right program and schedule for yourself is essential for success. Here’s this father’s journey to the top.

From chilling to powerlifting

Petr enjoyed partying in his youth. While he had a lot of fun, his fitness routine was non-existent.

I used to weigh ~68kg for most of my life. Being skinny did bother me, but I never did anything about it.

He first set foot in a gym when he was 24, and quickly found love with powerlifting. Being able to track his lifts and set new PRs quickly became addictive.

After I started powerlifting, my weight went from 68kg to 110kg in 6 years. I was getting bigger and stronger, entered competitions, and enjoyed these years — but I wasn’t really getting healthier.

Petr was introduced to Ganbaru Method by his personal trainer. So, Petr started watching Eugene’s content on Instagram and YouTube, and started implementing his advice.

After following Eugene for a while, I saw Ganbaru Method‘s lifetime membership offer. While it was a large sum of money, it would be cheaper than my $150 spent on each personal training session in just a few weeks.

From using a personal trainer to using Ganbaru Method

When he joined Ganbaru, he knew his way around the gym, equipment, exercises, and proper form. Petr no longer needed a personal trainer for weekly sessions, but found value in having an experienced coach write training programs that were effective.

There are literally years worth of programs on Ganbaru. Sure, I can go to the gym and train specific body parts, but I know Ganbaru Method will give me a better program 99% of the time.

I loved the idea of having a program with detailed description, videos and tracking system. The Ganbaru community and the fact that you can easily reach out and get an answer to your question is a huge bonus. 

I have trained in numerous gyms and I love that I don’t have to rely on a trainer to book times and days of the week. Even if I can’t make it to the gym, there are always minimal equipment alternatives on Ganbaru.

Then came the baby

But his baby came along, he didn’t want to stick to powerlifting.

Family is everything. When my partner got pregnant and I was not in a state to be a great dad, I knew my goals had to shift. I needed to lose weight and get fit in order to be active with my son.

Petr wanted to experiment with CrossFit but felt limited by gym time slots and found insufficient structure with online workouts.

When Ganbaru’s update happened, he found Harriet Roberts‘ (@harrietroberts) CrossFit program: Resilient.

Here’s how it went:

It absolute sucked as I was out of shape.

He tried it, and… it was HARD. The first few weeks of transitioning from powerlifting to more HIIT style of workouts were torturous, but he pushed through and stuck with it. 

When I was at my peak strength I had to sleep with a CPAP machine as I developed sleep apnea due to my body weight.

After following Harriet’s programs, Petr lost a significant amount of body fat and no longer has sleep apnea.

I didn’t know of Harriet prior to Ganbaru Method, but trusted Ganbaru enough to fully commit to the program.

And it changed my life.

In the best shape of his life

Today, Petr can’t believe how fit he is. 

I am now lean, fit, and feel absolutely amazing. My energy levels are through the roof compared to 2 years ago.

I cannot put into words how much impact this has had on me mentally, physically, and on my overall quality of life. It has literally changed my day-to-day life, and I feel emotional just thinking about how much energy I can now dedicate to my son.

And that’s what we love about fitness. It doesn’t just make you look slimmer or stronger, it flips your whole life around. 

Try it for yourself

The best part about Ganbaru Method is how broad the programs are. No matter what your goal is, there is a solution and program for you. 

The fact that Eugene is confident enough to say that other trainers are more knowledgeable on certain topics speaks volumes for his character. It also shows me that he is truly dedicated to creating the best platform he possibly can, not just showing off his knowledge.

I will always support Ganbaru Method and don’t see a reason why I would ever need to change.

Try a workout from the Resilient program:

Want more? Enjoy a 7-day completely FREE trial to Ganbaru Method. Contact us at for further help!

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