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Do you know the differences between combining training styles, hybrid training, cross training, and CrossFit? Let’s discuss!

Ganbaru relaunched with a group of elite coaches and their various specialities. As fitness trends move towards mixing up your fitness routines more, you may be wondering what the different hybrid training types mean.

With so many different fitness terms and techniques, the names and meanings can quickly escape you. We know it can be confusing to navigate the realm of fitness to find the best model for you, and that’s what we’re here for.

Combining training styles

Combining training styles is what Ganbaru does best. To meet the demand for leveling up your fitness and having different training styles in one app, we onboarded a team of coaches who are experts in their respective fields.

On Ganbaru, you can mix it up with weighlifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding, calisthenics, BJJ, grappling, wrestling, mobility, yoga, stretching, cardio, conditioning, circuits, and more. 

That’s what combining diffreent training styles means —  literally.

Exposing yourself to different ways of moving can help you stay excited, interested, and more free with fitness. Plus, it definitely goes a long way to make you more athletic. 

Hybrid training

Hybrid training could mean the same thing. However, many people in the fitness industry see hybrid training as combining weightlifting and running. So you’ll need to use context clues to find out what term they’re referring to!

The goal of a hybrid athlete is to achieve well-rounded fitness, often focusing on strength, endurance, agility, and power.

Cross training

Again, this could simply mean combining different training styles. In some instances, people may use cross training more specifically to refer to the act of using a new exercise style to make you better at your sport. 

This means you’re introducing a new training type in order to develop a certain component of your fitness. Once again, this sound similar to the above. 

Another differentiator you may want to use is to look out for how varied a fitness routine is. Combining training styles is limitless. Hybrid training focuses on 2. Cross training often has a small number as well, because people use one sport or training type to improve performane in another.

Some examples include

  • Rowing for swimmers to work similar muscle groups and increase exercise capacity
  • Running for football players to increase endurance 
  • Walking for bodybuilders to improve heart health

Cross training is often highly focused and personalized as it’s tailored to suit your goals and preferences. However, the same can be done for combining fitness styles and hybrid training.


CrossFit gets a lot of undeserved smack in the fitness industry because their movements look vastly different to traditional weighlifting exercises. But CrossFit is different. 

It is a high-intensity strength and conditioning circuit that focuses on movements that you may do in your daily life. 

Their WODs (workout of the day) are often only 5-20 minutes long, with timers and scores to motivate participants. Its goal? To improve your overall fitness and athleticism by challenging you in different ways. 

Don’t knock it until you try it!

What do you think about these different training methods? Let us know in the comments below! And if you’re ready to start including different training styles in your routine, try Ganbaru for free today!

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