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Want to up the ante with your fitness routine by introducing a new training style or skill to your repertoire? Here’s how.

Sticking to a fitness routine is fun (and essential), but what happens when you want to pick up a new skill? What if you want to be more well-rounded? What if you’re mentally and physically bored? What if you want more out of your training? What if…

That’s all possible, and you can easily do so by combining different training types. Many people think they’re tied down to a certain training style, i.e. bodybuilding, powerlifting, yoga, flexibility, or martial arts, but you and your body are much more fluid than that.

You can increase various aspects of your health and fitness, create a hybrid workout routine, and get more excited about fitness again by cross training. 

With Ganbaru, it’s easy to do so because you can choose from 50 programs from 11 coaches, alongside a whole library of educational and nutrition content to serve your different needs and interests. 

Become better at what you’re already doing, or become better at something new. Here’s how you can start combining different training styles.

One at a time

Fitness is fun, and there may be a collection of exercise styles you’re keen to try. While it’s possible to do a different activity every day, we recommend introducing one at a time so you can ease yourself into cross training. 

You can make a list of workout types you’d like to add to your routine, then slowly make your way through the list as each new exercise style becomes a more comfortable, fixed part of your routine. 

Can’t decide what to start with? Think about your weakest links. Need more flexibility in martial arts? Add in complementary mobility work. Need more endurance in weightlifting? Introduce more athletic circuits to improve your cardiovascular health. Or, just choose what you’re most excited about!

Determine your priority

You can have it all, but you’re going to see slower progress on individual items as you’re making combined progress on your complete fitness.

If one training style is more important to you than the other, i.e. you’re adding in new training types to enhance your key movement style, prioritize that by dedicating more time, energy, and focus to it. You can have 4 workouts with your core discipline, while having just 1 of the new addition. 

Start slow

When deciding to switch up your fitness routine, you may be tempted to go all out and start two whole new routines. However, that can easily lead to feeling overwhelmed and overtrained.

Instead, start by bringing in new exercise styles by either doing 1 new workout a week, swapping 1 out for the other, or adding a bit of the new training to the end of your existing workout. On the Ganbaru app, you can easily do so by toggling between your chosen programs or using the “Add Extra Workout” function. 

Find your balance

As you start incorporating new fitness types, you’ll be able to observe how you feel and adjust your new routine. This differs for everyone because some people prefer 4 training days while others may prefer 6. It is also dependent on the exercise style because yoga is less intense than powerlifting, and you’ll likely be able to do more of it. 

Listen to your body, ensure you’re getting enough rest, check that you’re feeling adequately recovered, then determine how to refine your new workout split.

Reap the rewards

Enjoy the process! You’ll be able to see how combining different training types makes you a better athlete. Want to learn more about the rewards? Check out our article on the benefits of cross training.

Have you tried combining different training styles? What did you like or dislike? Let us know in the comments below!

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