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I’ve been a member of Ganbaru Method when it literally first came out. It’s the easiest way to track workouts, access an incredible exercise selection and programming, and still give me the ability to customize everything.

Life before fitness

I was the kid who skipped sports ed in school.

As a child, Corey didn’t enjoy working out. He was never into nutrition or fitness as a kid and teenager, and his weight gain led to being overweight and facing bullying.

Being fat and unfit, the thought of competing in team sports and being ridiculed was a nightmare.

Finding structure in training

His first breakup at 19 introduced him to fitness, where he started running on treadmills and trying random machines. As someone who enjoys learning, Corey started reading up about fitness.

2 years into training, I stumbled across free programs and competing. I competed in Men’s Physique at 75kg/165lbs. While the free programs were fine at that time for my beginner gains, I now see that they are based in bro science, with every program contradicting the last.

Before finding Eugene and Ganbaru Method, I felt like I was constantly sifting through contradicting opinions online. I was cycling through random workouts with no structure and hoping for the best.

Corey never felt like he was getting the most bang for his buck, but he enjoyed experimenting. He used to focus on high volume, with 3-4 sets of 15-20 reps on all exercises. Now, he values different rep ranges, not gonig to failure on everything, and understanding his reps in reserve.

As a long-time follower of Eugene, Corey was an early adopter of Ganbaru Method.

I was already an avid follower of the no bullshit, instantly applicable knowledge. Ganbaru Method gave me what I needed to have all that knowledge in one place, with the instant structure I needed.

Working out with Ganbaru Method

Ganbaru Method takes all the guesswork out and provides superior exercise selection and programming.

I had come to a standstill with my training and I thought it was a genetical limitation. Eugene and Ganbaru Method breathed new life into my routine and I actually started growing again. Even my legs! I had given up on them. I love that most programs come in phases to ramp up intensity and eliminate plateaus.

This year, Corey competed again at 87kg with the same body fat as his first show.

Corey has worked with hypertrophy coaches in the past, but feels that Ganbaru Method offers that and more — with variety, in-depth knowledge, and a range of strength, cardio, and mobility programs.

His favourite programs are Conditioning 2.0, Powerbuild 2.0, and Yoga for Front Splits. (He can do the splits now!) The app also helped Corey to improve other parts of his life including sleeping and breathing.

When asked about programs that didn’t work for him on Ganbaru Method, Corey said

I would give an example of a program I haven’t liked, but I haven’t found one.

This app honestly keeps me so interested and excited about training. I feel like I have more to learn, try, and achieve.

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