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Jamie is an Applied Psychology graduate, sports monitor in a closed center for refugees, and a personal and small group training coach in Belgium.

Fitness was never new to Jamie, having gone to the gym since 15 and exploring kickboxing, weight training, and living an active lifestyle.

While her fitness level is better than average with regular hikes with her dog, biking, skiing, snowboarding, travelling, and other such adventures, she loves getting outside her comfort zone to grow and learn. 

Seeking new challenges brought her to join a rugby club for 5 years, maintaining a higher fitness level through dedicated training.

My training was mostly self-taught, involving lots of trial and error, learning from OG bodybuilders and online resources.

She continued to deepen her knowledge in fitness as she was exposed to more coaches, athletic programming, and even a sports massage course after rupturing her ACL.

Finding Ganbaru Method

Among all the online coaches I followed, Eugene and Ganbaru Method stood out to me. Unlike other coaches, there was an emphasis on movement over appearance. 

Jamie found the explanations to be clear, methods to be unconventional and effective, and knowledge to be deep and reliable.

After following, I purchased a lifetime membership to Ganbaru Method without hesitation. And I’ve never regretted it!

Pre-pandemic, Jamie used a variety of weighted programs on Gabaru. During the pandemic, she explored the minimalist programs. As a personal trainer, Jamie had to coach small groups outdoors with minimal equipment during the pandemic, and she learned a lot from Eugene’s approach to training.

I also joined Eugene’s online Coaching Mentorship, which significantly improved my coaching skills! It provided me with a deeper insight into training, nutrition, marketing and business. I’m thankful for the opportunity to be part of this mentorship, applying this new knowledge and overall becoming a more confident coach.

Training today

Jamie has completed countless programs on Ganbaru Method to date, including

  • Followed along with Coach Eugene on Workout Of The Days.
  • Women’s hybrid 
  • Full body (phase 3)
  • Half body 
  • Women’s foundations (phase 1 & 2)
  • High frequency glutes 
  • Powerbuild 
  • Advanced Powerbuild 
  • PPL 2.0 
  • Full body 2.0
  • Strength
  • Split 
  • Powerbuild 2.0 
  • Neuro Strong 
  • Athletic weapon

It’s hard to pick a favorite program as each has its purpose. The Full and Half body programs are well-balanced, and High Frequency Glutes kicked my butt in a good way. Powerbuild introduced me to new training techniques like wave loading, which complimented and added to the knowledge I had from previous experiences with strength and conditioning courses.

Currently, she is running the hybrid bodybuilding program that combines strength, conditioning, mobility, and hypertrophy over six-week phases. Jamie enjoys its versatility to fit with her active lifestyle.

There is nothing much I dislike about Ganbaru Method. It is constantly growing and evolving, and is so much more than just another coaching app.

It offers different training programs for any kind of goal, made by the best coaches in their field. It includes the option to create a custom workout plan, a large database of exercises, a nutrition tool and lots of educational content!

On community

Despite singing praises to Ganbaru Method‘s programs and education, what Jamie values most from Ganbaru is its community.

Ganbaru is a supportive community where we motivate and support each other towards healthier lifestyles and personal growth. We are all on our own journey. If you ask me what my goals are, I wouldn’t be able to give you a straight answer. I would like to stay fit, strong and mobile in the long run. And experience new things along the way!

Community for Ganbaru doesn’t just mean members making new connections, but also clear lines of communications with coaches. 

The biggest plus for me about Ganbaru is the personal involvement of Eugene as a coach. He is passionate about teaching and doesn’t pretend to be an all-knowing expert. We can reach out to him and he will take the time to answer genuinely. It is very real and human. And I really needed that in my life. 

She even travelled all the way from Belgium to Australia to join a seminar with Eugene and top coaches like Mike Israetel, Christie Guevara, Jarret Feather and Brad Schoenfeld. 

I ugly cried when I had to get on the plane to Australia all by myself, but I went back to Belgium with my heart full and a backpack full of new experiences. Totally worth it!

Want to join the community too?

You can try Ganbaru Method completely free for 7 days. Feel free to email us at for any enquiries!

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