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Ganbaru 101: Your manual to using every function on the Ganbaru Method app.

Welcome to Ganbaru. 

Table of Contents

    About Ganbaru

    What is Ganbaru?

    Ganbaru Method is a fitness app that aims to be the last and only app you’ll ever need.

    What does Ganbaru mean?

    Ganbaru: a Japanese word that loosely translates to “Not just doing your best, but becoming more than your best”.

    Why we created Ganbaru

    We want to make your life easier. This is why we’re focused on removing all guesswork from training — so you can focus on what matters most: yourself and your training.

    Think easy-to-follow workouts, custom programs, and progress tracking.

    To make your approach to health and fitness as seamless as possible, we’ve created an app to cater to all of your needs. 

    What Ganbaru offers

    We dive into everything in detail below, but if you need the TL;DR version:

    • Training: programs, workouts, classes, coaches, in-app timers, sets and reps, tracking, video demos, written instructions, in-ear cues, form checks
    • Nutrition: stats, macros, visual guides, tracking
    • Community: forum, accountability, support
    • Extended learning: guides, classes, seminars
    • Support: a team that’s always there for you

    Who Ganbaru Method is for

    We’re not trying to sound inclusive for the sake of it, but Ganbaru truly is an app for everyone.

    Ganbaru features a variety of unique training styles designed by the best coaches in the world. If you’re worried about having too much to choose from, that’s why we provide full app access in all memberships. You can even use the free trial to take your time to explore the app.

    What makes Ganbaru different from other training apps?

    Ganbaru gives you the ultimate training experience and puts YOU back in control of your journey.

    Instead of locking you into one rigid training plan, you get unrestricted access to our entire team of expert coaches and all of their programs, along with the ability to build & customise your workouts using their templates.

    Want to combine lifting & running? Grow your glutes and get more athletic? Build peak strength & flexibility? We give you all the tools and personal guidance to do this.

    And if you prefer to stick with one plan at a time, you absolutely can! Our coaches designed each program to be complete and tailored towards maximising your results.

    What Ganbaru offers: Training

    Expert coaching team

    Any program you may need from our vast team of experts

    Eugene has been the sole coach and creator of Ganbaru since it first began, but he noted that Ganbaru members were also asking for mobility, athletics, cardio, running, skill work, and so much more. While he could create programs from a theoretical standpoint, he decided to bring on experts who could bring their tried and tested knowledge and experience to the Ganbaru platform. 

    In 2023, Ganbaru 2.0 was born. Currently, there are 10 expert coaches in their unique disciplines from all around the world. 

    With the combined expertise of the coaches, not only can you find any program you’ll ever need, but you’ll also be able to explore a variety of training to keep it stimulating, motivating, and fun!


    Eugene Teo (@coacheugeneteo)

    You probably know Eugene as a bodybuilder, fitness coach, and the creator of Ganbaru. Not only has he amassed knowledge in fitness to bring you the latest science-based information and programs for the best gains and aesthetics, but he has also expanded his range with programs for his current mixed training style to include prehab (Roots), running (Run Coach), and more minimal workouts (Minimal).

    Will Cozier (@wcroz)

    Will is a powerlifting strength coach and the owner of Nexus Performance, a gym and coaching service. Train with him to get stronger at your big 3 with powerlifting.

    CrossFit & gymnastics

    Harriet Roberts (@harrietroberts)

    If you like CrossFit, you may be familiar with Harriet — 4x CrossFit Games athlete, gymnastic and athletic performance coach, and stars as Arrow on the TV show Gladiators Australia. Unlock peak performance with her functional strength and athletic ability programs.

    Anna Wishnowsky (@annawishfitness)

    Anna is a gymnastics strength coach and sports nutritionist who is here to help you supercharge your strength and acquire new skills. Explore new ways to move and control your body.


    Raphael Gomez (@raphkg)

    This calisthenics athlete is also a BJJ brown belt. He combines strength, mobility, control, and agility to give you bodyweight mastery and aesthetics.

    Raw athleticism

    Dr Pat Davidson (@dr.patdavidson)

    Pat holds a Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology and is a strength and conditioning coach. He brings high-octane lifting and sprinting workouts to make you an athletic weapon. Strong, faster, mentally tougher.

    Jimmy House (@coachjimmyhouse)

    It’s not every day you meet an athlete like Jimmy. He’s a pro natural bodybuilder, elite powerlifter, BJJ black belt (obtained in only 5 years — which is unheard of), and a pro wrestler. He teaches you how to get that all-rounded strength and endurance through his programs.

    Mobility & flexibility

    Lucas Hardie (@rangeofstrength)

    Most people know Lucas as Range of Strength online, with his unconventional methods for strength and flexibility. If you think strong, muscular men can’t do the splits, Lucas is here to teach you otherwise. You’ll embark on a completely different training experience with his old-school lifts and tried-and-tested flexibility work.

    David Thurin (@movementbydavid)

    AKA Movement by David on Instagram is known for his effective flexibility videos. He wants to help people find more flexibility and move better in everyday life. Believe it or not, he wasn’t always this flexible. Give his programs a try to get flexy and stay flexy with him.

    Carissa Wong (@movewithcarissa)

    Carissa is a yoga teacher who enjoys strength, mobility, skill, and fun transitions. Move well and recover better with her mobility programs and yoga classes.


    For any level & interest

    With our coaching team comes a variety of programs that you can explore to become the most athletic you can be.

    Discover our 50+ programs in our key categories:

    • Build muscle
    • Get flexible
    • Foundations
    • Conditioning & cardio
    • Get stronger
    • Hybrid athletics
    • Calisthenics
    • Powerlifting

    Not only do we have programs that are more beginner to more elite, but all programs are super scalable with different phases, exercise swaps, and workout trackers. 

    If you’re not looking for a full program at this stage, you can also filter individual workouts based on exercise style or body part.

    What equipment you will need

    Each program will list the necessary equipment required. However, we have multiple recommendations if you don’t have a specific piece of equipment or are on the go.

    All programs can be completed in a regular gym setup with free weights, in CrossFit boxes, and even in minimalist home/garage gyms. (Fun fact: approximately half of Ganbaru members train from home!)

    Not only do we provide home and calisthenics programs for minimal equipment workouts, but all our programs also allow you to easily switch out exercises. 

    If you need help with making specific changes, just ask us in the community!

    Time efficient to make it work for you

    You may have less time for fitness, but we’re still here to help. 

    Most Ganbaru workouts are 45-60 minutes long, so you won’t need to stay in the gym for hours. If you’re in a pinch, we also have programs that only require 15-20 minutes of your time.

    Each program has breakdowns of each workout so you can plan out your workout schedule accordingly.

    Tutorials & form checks

    Clear, concise tutorials and form checks

    Our coaches personally demonstrate and give you in-ear cues so you will know how to do every exercise. You can also access our community and support tools to ask questions and get form feedback.

    Perfect workout interface 

    Built-in timers, cues, demos

    Your workout will never be disrupted by you rushing to check the time or needing to Google how an exercise is performed. 

    We have brought everything in-app, from work and rest timers and in-app buzzers to in-ear cues and video demos. 

    Don’t worry about a thing, we got it covered.

    Track your progress

    Each workout also allows you to have a detailed exercise history. You can record your sets, reps, and weights, and workout intensity. 

    Highly customizable interface

    What Ganbaru does differently from other apps is that there’s no cookie-cutter model here. You can personalize your app to make it your own.

    This means: 

    • Setting your own home page to show modules you’re interested in.
    • Running multiple programs at once
    • Adding, removing, switching workouts as you like
    • Easily switching out exercises 
    • Adjusting exercises, workouts, sets, or reps

    For even more autonomy, we have a complete function that allows you to build your own workouts and programs.

    You can load up your own exercises, names, videos, etc to make it your own.

    And if you decide you want to run an external program? No problem. You can use the custom workout builder to add it to your library so you can train and track everything in one place. 


    Our nutrition tab first brings you to your unique profile. You can enter your stats and set a goal, so we can recommend nutrition to get you there.

    We have a comprehensive barcode scanner as well as a manual entry function for you to track your food if you wish.

    You can choose to track your calories or macros if you’re more advanced with tracking, or you could go with our simple beginner-friendly visual portion guide.


    Our trusted community with over 40,000 members means you’re always well-connected and supported.

    We have an in-app forum where you can ask questions, check your form, and get personalized advice from members and coaches. 

    To make your life easier with in-app support, you can simply triple-tap your screen in the Ganbaru app to send a report directly to our development team.

    And if you’re looking to send a message to the Ganbaru support team, we are always here for you. Email us at and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

    Extra learning

    We also have an explore tab that gives you access to a plethora of fitness knowledge.

    Think app and program guides, nutrition, training, full exercise libraries, biomechanics, powerlifting, and flexibility.


    How to get the Ganbaru free trial

    How to use a Ganbaru discount code

    How to sign in

    How to find or select a program

    How to add/switch/remove programs

    How to add extra workout

    How to reset programs

    How to track workouts

    How to use intensity rating 

    How to use visual meal planner 

    How to log nutrition 

    How to see workout history 

    How to use timers

    How to use custom program builder 


    You can start with our 7-day free trial and cancel anytime. Thereafter, join us at $20/month (yearly membership, billed at $240/year, $180 savings) or $35/month (monthly membership, billed monthly). 

    All memberships can be cancelled at any time, and what our members love about Ganbaru is that once you sign on at a certain price, you get to lock it in if you continue. 

    This means if you join at a promotional rate, it will not reset back to the regular price once that year is complete. Nor will you have to pay more if we ever increase our membership prices.

    No matter what membership you choose, you will be able to receive the same app features and benefits.


    Have a question we didn’t quite cover?

    We are always here to help. Send us an email at and our team will get back to you within 24 hours.

    Ready to start your Ganbaru free trial today? Just click here.

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