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Following a workout routine already brings you so many health and fitness benefits. But what happens when you start cross training? Let’s find out.

Variety is the spice of life. While consistency will bring you brilliant results, you will probably face a plateau if you follow the same program without changing a single thing. That’s why Ganbaru offers different training blocks and programs for you to level up continuously.

When you throw a new exercise style into the mix, more good things can happen. 

Explore new movement patterns

Stick to the same workout style and you’ll get really good at it. But your repetition may mean you’re only getting good at certain movements and muscle groups.

By incorporating a new type of movement, you’ll be able to explore new shapes. Not only is this interesting for your brain and body, but it’s also beneficial — you’ll also be developing the capability to move in different ways while improving your coordination. 

Good for your brain

This also means you’ll be creating and strengthening brain connections as you learn new movements, patterns, and skills. As we get older, we often find ourselves trying fewer new things and learning fewer new skills — because it’s scary to fail. But try and try again, and learning will become easier. You’re working that muscle, while building confidence.

Find more range

Whether it’s for your daily life or if it reflects in your other modes of training, cross training introduces new positions that often bring a new range of motion to your staple exercises. And when we combine new movement patterns and more range, it doesn’t just mean a deeper squat or smoother pivoting in lunging motions, but stronger joints, injury prevention, and better recovery.

Get stronger, faster, better

Trying something new is always a fun mental and physical challenge, so you’ll be pushing yourself to new heights on multiple planes. Additionally, trying different fitness styles will expose you to engaging lesser used muscles, movements, speeds, and intensities. This means you’ll be able to perform better overall!

The three aforementioned points means you’ll be able to improve your strength, endurance, skills, mobility, balance, and more. How exciting! 

Keep fitness fun and fluid 

Unless you’re training for a competition, there’s always wiggle room in your program so you can keep things exciting. This doesn’t just make fitness fun, but it also boosts the chances of longevity in training because you won’t get bored of your workouts as easily.

Sound interesting? If you want to start combining different training styles but don’t know how, check out our article that teaches you just that.

Feel free to leave any thoughts or questions in the comments. Let’s start a conversation! 

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