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You need to sweat to lose weight

Most passersby would agree that sweating more means you’re burning more calories. You sweat when your body needs to cool itself down. And there are many ways you heat up. 

But doing 100 jumping jacks can have less of an impact than you squatting heavy at the gym, even though you’re sweating buckets jumping around.

Similarly, walking outside on a hot day can make you sweat more than working out in a cold gym.

Sweating alone does not help to you to lose weight or burn fat. It may burn a few calories, but it’s inconsequential. What’s important is the workout — pushing yourself to different intensities in terms of speed, weight, difficulty, or energy exerted.

You need to feel sore after a workout

Soreness, or delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), is not a good indicator of a good workout.

We know it sounds like it makes sense (and some people even chase the DOMS sensation). Regular gymgoers still fall prey to this line of thought when they’ve completed a particularly challenging workout and feel fine the next day.

When it fact, they should be happy they didn’t feel sore because not only are they more comfortable, but it likely means that they fuelled themselves properly before and after their session, and had enough rest. 

Your body is constantly adapting to stimulus, so the same workout that made you feel sore the first time — whether it be due to weight, rep, muscle trained, fuel, recovery, or any other factor — may not make you feel sore again because your body is stronger and can take what you’re giving.

You could even argue that so long as you pushed yourself and know you had a workout that met your desired intensity level, not feeling sore is a better sign of progress.

You need to lift heavy to work out “properly”

Any form of vigorous exercise constitutes working out. You don’t have to bring out the big weights it it’s not something that you enjoy or feel comfortable doing.

Bodyweight or lighter weight exercises can work just as well. In fact, most people say mastering your own body is even trickier because you have to form shapes and perform exercises that need more control. 

Ganbaru Method offers:

  • Home training programs with lighter weight and limited equipment
  • Calisthenics training for serious strength gains with your bodyweight
  • Flexibility, mobility, and yoga programs to create more space within your body

You need to have fitness knowledge before starting 

When starting something new, we have to start at the beginning. We all suck at first — promise.

But we start to learn, and being a beginner is fun. You can ask questions and try everything without worrying.

Whether you have some prior knowledge or none at all, you won’t regret starting your fitness journey today. 

You don’t need to have a workout plan or know how to plan your diet — that’s what we’re here for. The Ganbaru Method app has easy-to-follow workout programs complete with sets, reps, video explanations, in-ear cues, and timers. 

Besides training, we also have full nutrition, forum, education functions, and more that you can try for free. Enjoy our completely free 7-day trial here.

You’re too stiff to get into fitness

If you feel too inflexible to start training, your stiffness isn’t going to go away. You start working out to improve your everyday fitness.

Even if you start out not being able to squat (weighted or bodyweight), you’ll build up to it.

Ganbaru Method has countless programs to help you:

  • Strength training programs to help you find strength in new ranges of motion
  • Mobility and flexibility programs to develop a bigger range of motion

Start training for free today

The best time to start is yesterday. The second best time to start is now. Cheesy, we know. But it’s true!

This is why we offer a 7-day completely free trial for you to kickoff your fitness journey. Not only does Ganbaru offer 50+ programs for you to choose from, but we also have resources for nutrition, education, technique checks, and more.

Questions? Email us at and we’ll be there to help!

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